At the heart of the Floyds Care network in the UK stands a remarkable team of distinguished professionals, celebrated for their unparalleled expertise and extensive experience. With an unwavering commitment to the forefront of modern healthcare, our team comprises industry leaders who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care. We take pride in our cohesive unit of seasoned experts, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is met with skill, innovation, and dedication to creating the most contemporary clinic experience possible.

London clinics

Dr. Ken Rockwell, MD

University: Harvard Medical School
Qualifications: Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr. Ken Rockwell is a compassionate and skilled dermatologist with a deep commitment to patient well-being. With a focus on comprehensive skin health, he approaches each case with meticulous attention and tailors treatment plans to suit individual needs.

Dr. Nataliia Kuleba, MD, PhD

University: Kyiv Medical University
Qualifications: Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Dermatology

Dr. Nataliia Kuleba is a visionary dermatologist and researcher who has significantly contributed to the understanding of skin disorders. Her dedication to advancing medical knowledge while providing personalised patient care has made her a respected figure in the dermatological community.

Birmingham clinics

Dr. Emily Carter, MD

University: Oxford University
Qualifications: Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr. Emily Carter is a brilliant dermatologist with dual expertise in clinical practice and research. Her extensive knowledge and innovative research have earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in the field of dermatology. She is dedicated to translating the latest advancements into personalised care for her patients.

Dr. Kwame Osei, MD, MSc

University: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Qualifications: Medical Doctor (MD), Master of Science (MSc) in Dermatology

Dr. Kwame Osei is a compassionate dermatologist with a strong background in global health. Her expertise extends to diverse skin conditions, and she is committed to not only treating patients but also promoting dermatological education and awareness.

Behind the Floyds Care network stands an exceptional team that embodies our commitment to excellence. Our team creates an environment where every patient’s comfort and well-being are at the forefront of care.

Frank Floyd,
the owner of Floyd’s Care