The Floyds Care clinic network places a pronounced emphasis on the interior design of its physical locations. This intentional and rigorously tested concept orbits around creating a human-centred clinical experience. In sharp contrast to the sterile white walls commonly found in conventional hospitals, our clinics exude inviting warmth through an array of natural materials and an inviting palette.

Shaping experience

The pivotal notion is to envelop patients in an environment akin to the comfort they’d experience in a cosy bar or an engaging gallery. This ethos finds its visual embodiment in the reception area, where visitors are welcomed with an ambience reminiscent of an art gallery or a modern restaurant. Every meticulous detail, right down to the selection of colours for the sofas, underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring clients feel at ease and stress-free during their wait for appointments with our esteemed doctors.

Even in the pursuit of minimising appointment waiting times, we recognise that these moments should also be gratifying. This insight guides the consistent inclusion of mini art and sculpture exhibitions, complemented by dedicated lounge spaces that invite reading and social interactions.

Sunlight’s embrace

Our focus on incorporating ample natural light underscores the commitment to maximising daylight penetration through spacious windows. Whenever feasible, our clinics are thoughtfully positioned to have direct street entrances rather than being concealed within shopping centre corridors. This discerning choice eloquently underscores our dedication to fostering inclusivity and transparency for all who seek our services.

The quintessential natural element defining our clinic interiors is none other than wood. This mindful selection embodies authenticity, comfort, and vibrant vitality, all symbolised by the presence of a living tree – a unifying feature across all our clinics.

Artificial light gracing the reception area is intentionally bathed in a gentle 3600 Kelvin warm hue. This purposeful selection augments comfort during wait times, invoking the soothing ambience reminiscent of early mornings or the tranquillity of late evenings.

Bridging clinics across the Nation

Our distinctiveness from conventional clinics is evident in our functional, adaptable, and elegantly straightforward interior design that centres on the client’s sense of security. Upholding these principles, we meticulously shape a coherent identity for the Floyds Care brand across our burgeoning network of clinics spanning the nation.