Our mission

Treating clients to elevate quality of life

We treat every visitor as a valued client rather than just an ordinary patient, regardless of the severity of their condition.

At Floyds Care, we see our customers as partners with common interests

At Floyds Care, we see our customers as partners with common interests

Frank Floyd,
the owner of Floyd’s Care

Frank Floyd,
the owner of Floyd’s Care

Our clinics

Feel at ease and stress-free

We meticulously designed our interiors to counter stress and foster comfort. We create an environment where you feel at ease, away from the adverse effects of conventional spaces.

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Disease prevention is better than delayed treatment

With this persuasion, we remain at the forefront of spreading knowledge about skin diseases nationwide. It is our mission, core belief, and way of giving back to society.

People say

I’ve never felt so at ease in a medical setting before. The clinic’s warm and inviting atmosphere immediately calmed my nerves. The cosy lounge areas and natural materials genuinely make a difference. Waiting for my appointment felt like a tranquil pause rather than an ordeal. Floyds Care has redefined what a clinic experience should be.


As someone with a family history of skin issues, I appreciate Floyds Care’s approach. The art exhibitions in the waiting area are a pleasant distraction, and the warm colour scheme feels welcoming. It’s clear they prioritise patient comfort. A refreshing change from the typical clinical environment.


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Where to find us?

20 dermatological clinics nationwide

Floyds Care started as a small dermatology clinic run by a family of doctors in Ealing, London. It is now a network of modern dermatological clinics, cutting-edge technologies and skilled professionals, and we are growing exponentially.

Floyds Care (Uxbridge road)
Kingston Ln, London, Uxbridge UB8 3PH 01895 274000
Floyds Care Liverpool
8 Green Street Liverpool 01895 274000
Floyds Care Sheffield
2 Surrey lane Sheffield 01895 274000
Floyds Care Birmingham
Meriden St, Birmingham 01895 274000
Floyds Care Edinburgh
130 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TL 01895 274000
Floyds Care Plymouth
2B Elm Rd, Mannamead, Plymouth PL4 7AE 01895 274000
Floyds Care Cardiff
1-24 Planet St, Cardiff 01895 274000
Floyds Care Belfast
112-114 Donegall St, Belfast BT1 2GX 01895 274000